Why Progressive Businesses In Any Industry Should Be Turning To Cognitive Computing

Why Progressive Businesses In Any Industry Should Be Turning To Cognitive Computing

Winston-Salem, NC | March 6 — That’s right, we at Cognistx firmly believe that cognitive computing should be on the radar of any forward-looking business (and that’s not just because we happen to build artificial intelligence technology!). It’s because we’ve seen the value of this technology up close – and we don’t want you to miss out on its game-changing potential.

Let’s start by breaking down cognitive computing a bit, though. After all, you’ve probably heard the terms “cognitive computing,” “machine learning,” “big data,” and “artificial intelligence,” or “AI,” thrown around a lot by now, but if you’re a business professional you might be looking to better understand how the technology that powers IBM’s Watson or Amazon’s Alexa can help you from a business standpoint.

In reality, the answer is: AI can help you solve for just about any business problem as long as there is the right kind of data to learn from.

You see, AI feeds off of big data and your category knowledge, and uses that information to help you gain efficiencies, understand consumer behavior, individualize retail offers, increase the value of your database, and so much more. You should be asking, “Which of my business problems can be solved with AI?” (And we’d love to help you answer that question!)

Cognistx wants to be sure businesses understand AI so they can stay ahead – and we’re here to help you jump into the cognitive computing game with complete confidence. To help with that process, we’ve reduced cognitive computing to a set of best practices, and have set ourselves up to help you solve real-world business problems regardless of the industry you’re in.

In the healthcare business? AI can help you track effectiveness of care with more reliability, helping reduce your re-admission numbers.

Are you a supplier? AI is great at helping you divert resources when inventory needs change at the last minute.

Is retail your game? Cognitive computing can individualize offers for customers and learn their specific behaviors, getting them to a conversion quickly based on their habits.

Whatever your industry, AI is relevant. It’s time to pay attention to those buzzwords floating around out there – and to realize it’s about far more than just technology. It’s about relationships with consumers. It’s about peace of mind for business leaders. It’s about staying ahead of the curve among your competitive set.

We’d love to set up time to talk to you about how your company can partner with Cognistx to help solve your most perplexing business problems. Get in touch with us today by contacting Jill Zoria, our SVP of Enterprise Development. Or request a consultation and one of our team members will get in touch!

Cognistx Debuting SmartCourse™ at PGA Show

Orlando, FL  |  January 24  —  Cognistx will introduce SmartCourse™ with their partner, Club Prophet Systems, at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando from January 24-27. SmartCourse is the first AI-powered mobile engagement platform for golf courses, designed to drive member engagement and incremental rounds of play.

SmartCourse uses the latest in machine learning technology — artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics — to understand a golfer’s preferences and behaviors and deliver a customized experience for each individual. Golfers can book tee times, track their scores, receive individualized offers and tee time recommendations, and stay up-to-date on course happenings. Pittsburgh-area course Birdsfoot Golf Club will be the first customer to benefit from SmartCourse.

Stop by the Club Prophet Systems Booth 1765 from January 25-27 for a demo, or check out www.cognistx.com/smartcourse for more information.



What’s Trending in AI



Winston-Salem, NC | January 12 — For years retailers have been forced to compete with the Amazons of the world. The result has been astonishing. Sure, we’ve seen companies shutter their doors, but we’ve also seen companies improve their digital prowess to deliver more relevance and offers. Each New Year brings predictions and trend reports, and this year, AI makes appearances as one of the most promising and disruptive innovations for 2017 and beyond. Here’s a quick glimpse:


5 Bleeding-Edge Brands That Are Infusing Retail With Artificial Intelligence Starbucks, Lowe’s and others roll out robots

January 2, 2017  |  The next time you’re in a Lowe’s hardware store don’t be surprised if a robot zooms up to ask if anyone needs help. And when you order your morning joe, a programmed bot may be whipping up that venti skim macchiato at Starbucks.

Watch out, folks, the age of artificial-intelligence-powered retail is upon us, promising an unprecedented amount of data and information that can help merchants grow their businesses. Once the stuff of sci-fi novels, AI is poised to juice up everything from customer service to merchandising—except jobs for humans.

“AI is going to be like electricity or the internet—it’s going to be foundational technology [for] which most things are built,” says Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “It becomes so interwoven into robotics and everything. It takes CRM, it takes all of this other stuff that we’ve been doing for so long and it makes it better than the sum of the parts.”

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3 big trends for AI in 2017
Venture Beat

December 20, 2016  |  It seems the entire world of people and things are connecting to the internet, with projections of 6 billion active smartphones and 50 billion connected things in use by 2020.

We’ve seen great strides in using customer identity to personalize experiences and to make better use of people’s time and attention. However, relevance is the currency of the digital economy, so it’s no longer enough to deliver personalized customer experiences — those experiences need to be smarter, faster, and in the right context.

Thanks to dramatic advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning over the past several years, we’re already seeing new AI applications for improving customer service and other areas of customer experience. For instance, chatbots powered by AI are able to field and respond to questions from customers on a variety of subjects. AI will be crucial in delivering these next-gen personalized experiences for customers, and as the conductor of the customer experience, marketers must embrace it in order to succeed.

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5 tech trends that transformed retail in 2016
Retail Dive

December 15, 2016  |  Retailers investing in new technologies during 2016 did so in many cases to keep up with the competition, often represented most specifically by Amazon — the company that influenced how many of them pursued e-commerce, and now is prompting them to consider innovations in the emerging area of conversational commerce.

Retailers also pursued new innovations this year in the name of enabling better interactions and stronger relationships with their customers. That notion is the common thread running through what we believe were the five most significant areas of retail technology innovation in 2016.

1. Artificial Intelligence
It’s very likely a lot of retail folks feel AI was the biggest and most broadly impactful innovation to shape the retail sector in 2016. And it’s not just a single innovation, but a vast field on innovation, affecting everything from chatbots (more about those little guys shortly) to other forms of virtual shopping assistants to mobile and visual search to mall directory services.

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Cognistx Named “Tech Company to Watch” in 2017

Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 10, 2017 – Cognistx was named a tech company to watch in 2017 by local tech insiders, reports NEXTpittsburgh. “As Pittsburgh’s tech sector continues to grow, the selection of rising startups becomes more diverse. Over the course of 2016, our universities, accelerators and entrepreneurs have produced an array of impressive companies working in a variety of industries, from healthcare—with groundbreaking work in stroke detection and cancer treatment—to ever-important cyber security.”

From NEXTpittsburgh:
Founded in 2015 by tech entrepreneurs Sanjay Chopra and Jeffrey Battin and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) professor Eric Nyberg, Cognistx develops programs designed to help retailers better engage with their customers. Last year, the company made a major deal with the automotive repair giant Monro Muffler & Brake, who are using Cognistx’s SmartCognitives-branded platform to provide a more efficient, personalized mobile experience for its customers. They recently partnered with the Cheswick-based software company Club Prophet Systems to develop an AI-powered intelligent app able to deliver customized content and offers to avid golfers. The app will debut later this month at the PGA Show in Orlando.

NEXTpittsburgh is an online publication that focuses on creativity and innovation in Pittsburgh. Their aim is to, “figure out what’s next, who’s leading the charge and where we’re all headed.”

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