Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0

Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0 — I’m Sanjay Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx. Welcome to Cognistx’s second installment of Good Stuff from Sanjay, series, where we dive into a topic each month that’s top-of-mind for me (and our company). Hopefully, this will become a resource for you as well, as you look to AI (with Cognistx as your go-to AI partner) to solve for your company’s specific business problems.

For this month’s Good Stuff series, I wanted to discuss some thoughts on how AI can be a great solution for businesses within the manufacturing industry, as well as share a few updates regarding a project we’re working on with PPG:

First up, a few ways AI can use data to help solve for common hurdles within manufacturing:

Knowledge Retention: Employees with decades of valuable experience are retiring from the workforce, and their critical knowledge has not been saved or codified. AI tools can be used to codify that expert knowledge and distribute it across sites so it can be leveraged company-wide.

  • Simulations: capture expertise and use it to train new skills
  • Testing: virtually test workers in safe environments and with less time and offer remote training

Production Decision Making: Manufactured items are more complex than ever, and they require hundreds of people, dozens of supplies, thousands of pieces, and countless decisions. Consumer demand and competition means just-in-time manufacturing, faster design improvements, and global sourcing. That’s where AI can swoop in to save the day, offering:

  • Intelligent Information Retrieval: reduce information overload by finding relevant information addressing the current need of the individual
  • Automated Data Collection: diminish the effort in collecting information such as pricing, availability, standards, and timing, so decision-making can happen quickly and with confidence
  • Scheduling and Coordination: coordinate multiple suppliers to reduce delays, inventory, reduce costs
  • Automated, Real-time Projections: make manufacturing and logistics more efficient than ever by allowing proactive risk management

Design Research: Creating new products is an expensive process, and one that often results in them falling flat. With thousands of specifications, regulations, and customer insights to navigate, information can be hard to quantify and share company-wide. Let AI help with this tricky process by introducing:

  • Customer Insight: mine product tests and specifications to provide insight from previous design research
  • Regulation Changes: traverse regulations and identify areas that need to be edited to address updates
  • Simulations/Prototyping: simulate scenarios and use cases to gather feedback efficiently

Product Support: Manufacturing and just-in-time delivery means people can customize their products, which is great for the end user but often causes headaches on the manufacturing side. Bring AI into the mix to provide:

  • Configuration Support: identify how a product would need to be altered to meet the customer’s order, knowing that computers will achieve this more efficiently than humans
  • Efficient Warehousing: use vision and indoor positions to aid robots in warehouses

We’ve loved getting to partner with PPG to optimize a portion of their manufacturing process as they work to save money and time in their paint production. For them, any marginal improvement in the paint formulation or adjustments process means thousands of dollars in savings.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you meet your manufacturing business goals? Get in touch with us today by contacting Jill Zoria, our SVP of Enterprise Development. Or request a consultation and one of our team members will reach out to you.

– Sanjay

Why Progressive Businesses In Any Industry Should Be Turning To Cognitive Computing

Why Progressive Businesses In Any Industry Should Be Turning To Cognitive Computing

Winston-Salem, NC | March 6 — That’s right, we at Cognistx firmly believe that cognitive computing should be on the radar of any forward-looking business (and that’s not just because we happen to build artificial intelligence technology!). It’s because we’ve seen the value of this technology up close – and we don’t want you to miss out on its game-changing potential.

Let’s start by breaking down cognitive computing a bit, though. After all, you’ve probably heard the terms “cognitive computing,” “machine learning,” “big data,” and “artificial intelligence,” or “AI,” thrown around a lot by now, but if you’re a business professional you might be looking to better understand how the technology that powers IBM’s Watson or Amazon’s Alexa can help you from a business standpoint.

In reality, the answer is: AI can help you solve for just about any business problem as long as there is the right kind of data to learn from.

You see, AI feeds off of big data and your category knowledge, and uses that information to help you gain efficiencies, understand consumer behavior, individualize retail offers, increase the value of your database, and so much more. You should be asking, “Which of my business problems can be solved with AI?” (And we’d love to help you answer that question!)

Cognistx wants to be sure businesses understand AI so they can stay ahead – and we’re here to help you jump into the cognitive computing game with complete confidence. To help with that process, we’ve reduced cognitive computing to a set of best practices, and have set ourselves up to help you solve real-world business problems regardless of the industry you’re in.

In the healthcare business? AI can help you track effectiveness of care with more reliability, helping reduce your re-admission numbers.

Are you a supplier? AI is great at helping you divert resources when inventory needs change at the last minute.

Is retail your game? Cognitive computing can individualize offers for customers and learn their specific behaviors, getting them to a conversion quickly based on their habits.

Whatever your industry, AI is relevant. It’s time to pay attention to those buzzwords floating around out there – and to realize it’s about far more than just technology. It’s about relationships with consumers. It’s about peace of mind for business leaders. It’s about staying ahead of the curve among your competitive set.

We’d love to set up time to talk to you about how your company can partner with Cognistx to help solve your most perplexing business problems. Get in touch with us today by contacting Jill Zoria, our SVP of Enterprise Development. Or request a consultation and one of our team members will get in touch!

The Democratization Of A.I.

Winston-Salem, NC | February 23 — Not too long ago, the concept of Artificial Intelligence existed only in Sci-Fi books and movies. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed, this once fictional technology became a reality.

But still, it felt distant. AI was high-profile, expensive tech, relegated to mammoth industry leaders like IBM.

Cognistx is out to change that model. Our mission? Democratizing AI.

We want to make this technology available to the masses — because it’s RELEVANT to the masses. It’s industry agnostic and able to be applied in countless forms depending on what questions you’re trying to answer or which issues you’re trying to solve. This isn’t just technology for technology’s sake.

At Cognistx, we’re different because we’re fast, efficient, and have crafted flexible pricing models to allow us to work with companies of virtually any size or budget level. We do great work with a stellar team, and we’re able to scale things up or down depending on how much money and time your company has to allocate to this form of technology. We are obsessed with AI and want to share its magic with as many company partners as we can.

AI (also known as “cognitive computing”) is a good fit for any company that collects data. Got data? Let’s talk.

“By providing fast, effective ways to develop intelligent analytics from customer data, Cognistx makes it possible for small to mid-sized companies to leverage big data,” said Eric Nyberg, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Cognistx. (Fun fact: Eric was the lead academic researcher behind IBM’s Watson)

Cognitive computing helps take your data to the next level, and it automatically gets smarter the more it’s used and the more feedback it receives from humans.

For example, if you’re a retail company sending out offers to consumers, AI can help you start to hone your approach for each individual shopper. Consumer A might continually decline a $10 discount but regularly accept a $15 one. What would happen if we instead offered that person a $12 discount and they began to bite at that level? (You just saved yourself $3, retailer.) That’s the beauty of AI — it gathers and learns this information and can start to customize offers to bring in the best results for your bottom line.

For non-retailers, cognitive computing can complement the work humans are currently doing to help increase your company’s efficiencies, reach, and reliability. For example, AI is ideal for warehouse optimization, and can be put in place to create customized pulling/order processing plans printed daily for each employee. These plans would take into account employees’ individual speeds and other factors to make things move more smoothly and allow employees to have a daily customized game plan that works well with their approach. You wouldn’t just gain efficiency at the front end, either, as you’d be able to continuously gather data on ongoing performance, speed, etc.

We’re thrilled AI technology has reached a point that it can be a viable option for any business across several industries, and Cognistx is dead set on making sure as many companies as possible not only know about AI but know how it can work for them. Welcome to the cognitive era!

Good Stuff from Sanjay

Good Stuff from Sanjay v1.0 — I’m Sanjay Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx. Welcome to Cognistx’s Good Stuff from Sanjay* series, where we dive into a topic each month that’s top-of-mind for me (and our company). Hopefully, this will become a resource for you as well, as you look to AI (with Cognistx as your go-to AI partner) to solve for your company’s specific business problems.

For this month’s Good Stuff series, I’d like to touch on what our focus is here at Cognistx and what makes us different. We’re proud of the way we’ve intentionally set up our business to make us unique within the AI space.

*The name for this monthly series — Good Stuff from Sanjay — was born when I was brainstorming potential options with some colleagues. They pointed out that I have a catchphrase that I use pretty frequently. That phrase? You guessed it. “Good stuff!” (Nothing like having a team that knows you better than you know yourself!)

More specifically:

Our focus at Cognistx continues to be taking our clients’ apps and systems and making them even smarter and more efficient.

  • #SmartDataIngestion: We make those apps and systems smarter by deeply immersing ourselves in and learning to truly understand our clients’ data.
  • #SmartDataFit and #DeepQA: We then apply the right AI models based on the data and the QA (Question Answer) needs we learn from our clients.
  • #SmartCogs: Once we have the models trained, we’re ready to apply them, starting to get to the heart of answering our clients’ questions and business needs/goals.

Our models — which are self-learning and get smarter the longer they’re in place — use clients’ data as a foundation, and are able to answer countless questions for our clients, such as:

  • “Which customers are likely to defect?”
  • “Is this customer loyal?”
  • “When and what offer to present to a customer to keep them engaged?”
  • “Will this manufacturing job run result in the desired output?”
  • “How likely is this customer to try our new offering?”
  • “Will this new product be a big hit in the market?”
  • “What are the optimal promotions to keep our customers engaged?”
  • “Where does this new file fit into our big data cluster?”
  • “What is the biggest risk for this patient as he/she is discharged?”
  • “Is this transaction fraudulent?”
  • “What is the risk associated with underwriting this insurance?”

We have other areas of expertise that help keep us ahead within the cognitive computing space:

  • Our speech interfaces make it easy for customers to interact with clients’ apps and our tech knowledge.
  • We hold strong expertise in DeepQA, Speech, Videos, and Really Big Data Analysis, making for even more user-friendly and customizable AI solutions.
  • Cognistx’s strong partnership with Carnegie Mellon University — a leader in the AI space since the field was invented in the 1950s — keeps us ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and know-how within the industry.

If you’re looking to solve business problems and think Cognistx — through the use of cognitive computing — could be a good way to go about it, please reach out to us to set up a conversation. We’d love to hear from you and to start brainstorming ways to leverage your data to really move the needle for your business!



Cognistx Debuting SmartCourse™ at PGA Show

Orlando, FL  |  January 24  —  Cognistx will introduce SmartCourse™ with their partner, Club Prophet Systems, at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando from January 24-27. SmartCourse is the first AI-powered mobile engagement platform for golf courses, designed to drive member engagement and incremental rounds of play.

SmartCourse uses the latest in machine learning technology — artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics — to understand a golfer’s preferences and behaviors and deliver a customized experience for each individual. Golfers can book tee times, track their scores, receive individualized offers and tee time recommendations, and stay up-to-date on course happenings. Pittsburgh-area course Birdsfoot Golf Club will be the first customer to benefit from SmartCourse.

Stop by the Club Prophet Systems Booth 1765 from January 25-27 for a demo, or check out for more information.



Cognistx Named “Tech Company to Watch” in 2017

Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 10, 2017 – Cognistx was named a tech company to watch in 2017 by local tech insiders, reports NEXTpittsburgh. “As Pittsburgh’s tech sector continues to grow, the selection of rising startups becomes more diverse. Over the course of 2016, our universities, accelerators and entrepreneurs have produced an array of impressive companies working in a variety of industries, from healthcare—with groundbreaking work in stroke detection and cancer treatment—to ever-important cyber security.”

From NEXTpittsburgh:
Founded in 2015 by tech entrepreneurs Sanjay Chopra and Jeffrey Battin and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) professor Eric Nyberg, Cognistx develops programs designed to help retailers better engage with their customers. Last year, the company made a major deal with the automotive repair giant Monro Muffler & Brake, who are using Cognistx’s SmartCognitives-branded platform to provide a more efficient, personalized mobile experience for its customers. They recently partnered with the Cheswick-based software company Club Prophet Systems to develop an AI-powered intelligent app able to deliver customized content and offers to avid golfers. The app will debut later this month at the PGA Show in Orlando.

NEXTpittsburgh is an online publication that focuses on creativity and innovation in Pittsburgh. Their aim is to, “figure out what’s next, who’s leading the charge and where we’re all headed.”

Read the full article

Pittsburgh firm has green light for growth in North Carolina

Winston-Salem NC | Jan 6, 2017 – Plans are on go for Cognistx, the new tech company in Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter, to employ 60 within five years. That was the goal the company announced when it opened its Winston-Salem office last spring.

“Everything is operating as we’d hoped, even better than we’d hoped,” said Sanjay Chopra, Cognistx’s co-founder and CEO. “So far, so good.”
Admittedly, the growth is gradual. Chopra said his company has three employees working in Winston-Salem, as well as three interns, at least two of whom are students at Wake Forest University. A Raleigh operations office that Cognistx has opened has another four employees.

Cognistx, based near Pittsburgh, deals in cognitive algorithms and produces platforms to assist with customer interaction. The company is in the process of opening a “customer experience center” at 525 Vine St. in Innovation Quarter. Chopra said the goal is to have 25 people employed by the two-year anniversary of Cognistx’s opening, which will be April 2018. Along the way, a data center will also be added to the Winston-Salem office.

Cognistx was founded in 2015 by Chopra, entrepreneur Jeffrey Battin and Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor Eric Nyberg, who was part of the team that developed IBM’s Watson computer.

Recently the company created an app for auto repair chain Monro Muffler Brake and Service to provide customized offers and service histories.

“The idea is statistical machine learning,” Chopra said. “With Monro, it’s about understanding customer preferences, and how many cars you have, the mileage, when was your last oil change, your last state inspection. And we can present the right offer to this customer at the right time. Maybe you’ve been meaning to set up their next oil change, but never got around to doing it. But we send a timely offer, you press a button, and it sets up an appointment for you.”

Chopra was drawn to Winston-Salem in part by the low cost of doing business.

The company, Chopra said, is seeking project managers, technical writers and people who “understand program management, customer service, customer support and datsa science.”

Steve Huffman is a general assignment reporter for Triad Business Journal.

Partnering on app suits Club Prophet, Cognistx to a tee

Pittsburgh, PA | December 19 – Two southwestern Pennsylvania tech firms have partnered to launch an app for golfers and the first customer is a local course.

The app will enable users to schedule tee times, choose players from their buddy list, track and compare scores, map the course and receive personalized offers based on playing preferences and past purchases.

Club Prophet Systems, Cheswick-based developer of golf management software and cognitive computing startup Cognistx, whose tech hub is in Gibsonia, said the first course to benefit from the new app is Freeport-based Birdsfoot Golf Club.

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Cognistx and Club Prophet Systems Join Forces to Create an AI-Powered Intelligent Golf App

Winston-Salem, NC | December 12Club Prophet Systems, the world leader in golf management software, is partnering with cognitive-computing startup company Cognistx to create a game-changing app designed to deliver intelligent, individualized content and offers to golfers. Users will be able to schedule tee times, choose players from their buddy list, track and compare scores, map the course and receive personalized offers based on their playing preferences and past purchases.

“We’re excited to launch this new offering to our customers and know it will help them generate incremental revenue while delivering a great app experience to our customer’s golfers,” said Tom Robshaw, owner and President of Club Prophet Systems. “We chose Cognistx because of their deep technology and user experience track record. They brought us a new level of innovation that’s redefining the category through proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms which brings a whole new set of tools to the golf operator.”

The first course that will benefit from the app is Birdsfoot, located in Freeport, PA. Course owner Travis Lindsay will launch the app in time for the Spring golf season. “Our golfers will have an entirely new way to interact with us,” Stephenson said. “We’ll be delivering smarter marketing content and offers to individual golfers, not just generic messaging. We’re expecting big things.”

The app will be introduced at the PGA Show in Orlando January 24-27, 2017 at the Club Prophet Systems booth. Course owners and managers will be able to view a demo, discuss course customization options and learn about the affordable pricing plans available. “I’m an avid golfer,” said Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra. “We saw an opportunity to bring a smarter app and a personalized experience to the golfer while at the same time elevating the course operator’s reach through our use of cognitive computing, so we reached out to Club Prophet Systems to bring it life. I am excited to work on this project as I can apply Cognitive Computing to my favorite sport, golf!”

About Cognistx
Cognistx is a cognitive computing company leveraging the latest data science tools and approaches to solve today’s most complex business challenges. The privately-held company has offices in Pittsburgh, PA; Raleigh, NC; and Winston-Salem, NC. Their first cognitive-powered app for Monro Muffler & Brake, MotoManager by Mr. Tire, was recently released and is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

About Club Prophet Systems
For the past 25 years, Club Prophet Systems has designed and provided fully integrated Golf Management Software systems for the golf industry including Point of Sale (POS), Food and Beverage (F&B) for Snack Bar to Fine Dining, Customer History and Member Management with Billing and Online Statements, Tee Time and Online Reservations, Email Marketing, Mobile Solutions, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Reporting, Inventory, and much more. Club Prophet Systems serves more than 1600 facilities in 16 countries in 9 languages. CPS provides local server and cloud solutions for every type of golf facility including driving range, public, private, resort and municipal including multi-course and management companies.


Chopra appointed to Advisory Board at Chatham University

Pittsburgh, PA | December 2 — Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra was appointed to the Advisory Board for Chatham University’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department. As a member of the Advisory Board, Sanjay will provide feedback on strategic plans and goals for the B&E Department. Congratulations, Sanjay!

Chatham University is a Pittsburgh-based academic institution with an enrollment of over 2,200 students and over 60 undergraduate and graduate programs in sustainability, health and lab sciences, business and communication, and the arts and humanities. Chatham prides itself on preparing women and men to be world ready: to build lives of purpose and value and fulfilling work. Chatham believes that world readiness means being an informed and engaged citizen in one’s communities; recognizing and respecting diversity of culture, identity and opinion; and living sustainably on the planet.