Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0

Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0 — I’m Sanjay Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx. Welcome to Cognistx’s second installment of Good Stuff from Sanjay, series, where we dive into a topic each month that’s top-of-mind for me (and our company). Hopefully, this will become a resource for you as well, as you look to AI (with Cognistx as your go-to AI partner) to solve for your company’s specific business problems.

For this month’s Good Stuff series, I wanted to discuss some thoughts on how AI can be a great solution for businesses within the manufacturing industry, as well as share a few updates regarding a project we’re working on with PPG:

First up, a few ways AI can use data to help solve for common hurdles within manufacturing:

Knowledge Retention: Employees with decades of valuable experience are retiring from the workforce, and their critical knowledge has not been saved or codified. AI tools can be used to codify that expert knowledge and distribute it across sites so it can be leveraged company-wide.

  • Simulations: capture expertise and use it to train new skills
  • Testing: virtually test workers in safe environments and with less time and offer remote training

Production Decision Making: Manufactured items are more complex than ever, and they require hundreds of people, dozens of supplies, thousands of pieces, and countless decisions. Consumer demand and competition means just-in-time manufacturing, faster design improvements, and global sourcing. That’s where AI can swoop in to save the day, offering:

  • Intelligent Information Retrieval: reduce information overload by finding relevant information addressing the current need of the individual
  • Automated Data Collection: diminish the effort in collecting information such as pricing, availability, standards, and timing, so decision-making can happen quickly and with confidence
  • Scheduling and Coordination: coordinate multiple suppliers to reduce delays, inventory, reduce costs
  • Automated, Real-time Projections: make manufacturing and logistics more efficient than ever by allowing proactive risk management

Design Research: Creating new products is an expensive process, and one that often results in them falling flat. With thousands of specifications, regulations, and customer insights to navigate, information can be hard to quantify and share company-wide. Let AI help with this tricky process by introducing:

  • Customer Insight: mine product tests and specifications to provide insight from previous design research
  • Regulation Changes: traverse regulations and identify areas that need to be edited to address updates
  • Simulations/Prototyping: simulate scenarios and use cases to gather feedback efficiently

Product Support: Manufacturing and just-in-time delivery means people can customize their products, which is great for the end user but often causes headaches on the manufacturing side. Bring AI into the mix to provide:

  • Configuration Support: identify how a product would need to be altered to meet the customer’s order, knowing that computers will achieve this more efficiently than humans
  • Efficient Warehousing: use vision and indoor positions to aid robots in warehouses

We’ve loved getting to partner with PPG to optimize a portion of their manufacturing process as they work to save money and time in their paint production. For them, any marginal improvement in the paint formulation or adjustments process means thousands of dollars in savings.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you meet your manufacturing business goals? Get in touch with us today by contacting Jill Zoria, our SVP of Enterprise Development. Or request a consultation and one of our team members will reach out to you.

– Sanjay