Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0

Good Stuff from Sanjay v2.0 — I’m Sanjay Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx. Welcome to Cognistx’s second installment of Good Stuff from Sanjay, series, where we dive into a topic each month that’s top-of-mind for me (and our… Read More

Cognistx Named “Tech Company to Watch” in 2017

Pittsburgh, PA | Jan 10, 2017 – Cognistx was named a tech company to watch in 2017 by local tech insiders, reports NEXTpittsburgh. “As Pittsburgh’s tech sector continues to grow, the selection of rising startups becomes more diverse…. Read More

The First Cognitive App for Car Maintenance Is Now Live; MotoManager by Mr. Tire Hits App Stores

Rochester, NY | October 25, 2016 — Introducing MotoManager™, our new cognitive app experience for Mr. Tire™. MotoManager is a resourceful and individualized tool that helps Mr. Tire customers simplify their vehicle maintenance routine. With MotoManager, customers find a… Read More