Cognistx is an applied cognitive computing company leveraging state of the art and proprietary data science tools to solve today’s most challenging business problems.

Our Mission

We’re in business to celebrate the power of the individual. To move past generic mass communication. To have brands, retailers, companies and organizations engage with people as unique entities by recognizing and responding to their singular needs. To eventually erase the words “consumer” and “user” from our language and replace them with more human terms.

We’re in business to kill spam once and for all. To proclaim the death knell of irrelevant communications and interactions. To usher in the era of truly personalized engagement.

We’re in business to apply leading edge cognitive computing and deep QA technology and democratize it so everyone can benefit. Technology is most powerful when it’s available to all those who need it, not just the largest and richest companies.

We’re in business to grow people and honor their contributions, whether they’re employees or clients. To push the boundaries of our own and each other’s imaginations. To build lasting relationships, create deep trust and mutual respect.

Our Core Values

Our core values define how we act and treat each other. They factor into our decision-making and into our conversations. They are the heart of our company and how we choose to behave on a daily basis.

Trust, honesty and openness

Our business is small, so our relationships have to be rock solid. We treat each other with respect even when there are differences. We share company information including financials so everyone knows exactly what our wins and challenges are. We do not hide problems — instead we air them publicly so there are no secrets. We celebrate wins as a team because everyone makes contributions.

Personal integrity and accountability

Our word means something. Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. Being able to count on others is imperative, and delivering on your word is our standard. Master your Self by understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how your actions and words impact others.

Creative problem-solving and perseverance

We see problems as opportunities to get creative, not as anything more than a speed bump. We leverage our collective expertise to develop solutions and leave our egos at the door to make the work better. We keep working until we see a path forward.

Finding meaning in our work

We’re in business to do more than just make money. We’re dedicated to finding personal and professional growing edges and exploring how we can operate at a higher level as individuals and as an organization.

Empowering our customers and creating positive change

Technology for the sake of pure experimentation has its place, but we’re applying technology to business problems, connecting individuals with information, and delivering data-driven insight to create stronger, healthier, more informed organizations and relationships.

Our leadership team’s decades of experience means we understand the problems facing today’s enterprises because we’ve seen them before and solved them.

Sanjay Chopra
Co-Founder & CEO
  • Award-winning CEO and Serial Entrepreneur; expertise in technology and e-commerce spanning over two decades
  • Successfully founded OnlineChoice and Intellions and has worked at IBM and Giant Eagle
  • Graduated in Computer Science from MANIT, Virginia Tech, with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. Sanjay is on the board of several organizations
Eric Nyberg, PhD.
Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
  • One of the world’s leading cognitive computing data scientists
  • Academic consultant for IBM Watson since 2007
  • Engineered and Developed SmartCognitves™ Decision Management System
  • Professor and Director, Master of Computational Data Science Program at Carnegie Mellon
Florian Metze, PhD.
Partner & Chief Speech Scientist
  • Research faculty at CMU’s Language Technologies Institute in automatic speech recognition, multimedia processing, semantic computing, and user interfaces
  • World-class leader in speech recognition and multimedia analysis research
  • Leads the development of state-of-the-art speech and audio analytics capabilities
Jill Zoria
Partner & SVP, Enterprise Development
  • Accomplished Marketing Technology Executive with 20 years experience in engineering and execution of data-driven marketing platforms
  • Leads national sales and strategy efforts


Pete Minnelli
Partner & SVP, Creative
  • 20+ years experience in design, branding and UX
  • Leads creative and UI/UX development with a focus on human-centered design principles
Micheal Smith
VP of Client Experience
  • Proven account leader with nearly 20 years digital marketing agency and client side experience across various industries
  • Leads client relations and digital content and marketing with a focus on connecting data with audience interests
A.K. Molteni
Product Development Manager
  • Hands-on development leader with 10+ years experience
  • Systems thinker with a keen eye for details, implications, and creative problem solving
Anna Belova
Data Science Engineer
  • Brings over 10 years of experience in quantitative analysis across a range of scientific domains and data types
  • Designs and implements computational, statistical, and optimization models
Allison Karas
Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Creates optimal user experiences through intuitive design and user research
  • Master’s degree from NC State University’s College of Design

Our development team


Our world-class development partner is located in Jaipur, India. Rahul, Mamta, Rohit, Rakesh,
Abhijeet, Bhavna, Ankita, Vijendra, Shivang and Harshita bring deep expertise in building
and implementing enterprise level products and applications.


Our accomplished advisory board brings years of experience from some of the most respected companies, universities, and organizations.

Thomas Bartos
  • Chief Financial Officer, ABARTA Oil & Gas Co., Inc.
  • Former Vice President of Finance, Mark Resources Corporation

Jeff Battin
  • Special Advisor and Co-Founder, Cognistx
  • Founded and ran data-driven marketing business for 22 years prior to its successful sale in 2010

Jaime Carbonell
  • University Professor & Allen Newell Professor, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Director, Language Technologies Institute
  • Adjunct Faculty, U Pittsburgh Medical School
  • Chairman, Carnegie Speech Corp.
Michael Ritter
  • President, MFR Consulting, LLC
  • Former CMO and SVP Consumer and Mass Business, Verizon
Kevin Srigley
  • President, Schmidt Market Research
  • Former Senior VP, Giant Eagle

We’re committed to building a diverse team that’s curious, adaptive, and willing to take risks. Because that’s what it takes to shape something new — and that something happens to be the cognitive era. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.


Our accomplished advisory board brings years of experience from some of the most respected companies, universities, and organizations.


In this position the UI/UX Designer will work with the Creative team to develop and drive branding, identity, and UI/UX schemes from concept through technical production under the design direction of the Creative Director. The UI/UX Designer must have the ability to work independently as well as work well in a team environment. The UI/UX Designer must also communicate and comprehend design direction quickly and efficiently. Learn more.