The Democratization Of A.I.

Winston-Salem, NC | February 23 — Not too long ago, the concept of Artificial Intelligence existed only in Sci-Fi books and movies. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed, this once fictional technology became a reality.

But still, it felt distant. AI was high-profile, expensive tech, relegated to mammoth industry leaders like IBM.

Cognistx is out to change that model. Our mission? Democratizing AI.

We want to make this technology available to the masses — because it’s RELEVANT to the masses. It’s industry agnostic and able to be applied in countless forms depending on what questions you’re trying to answer or which issues you’re trying to solve. This isn’t just technology for technology’s sake.

At Cognistx, we’re different because we’re fast, efficient, and have crafted flexible pricing models to allow us to work with companies of virtually any size or budget level. We do great work with a stellar team, and we’re able to scale things up or down depending on how much money and time your company has to allocate to this form of technology. We are obsessed with AI and want to share its magic with as many company partners as we can.

AI (also known as “cognitive computing”) is a good fit for any company that collects data. Got data? Let’s talk.

“By providing fast, effective ways to develop intelligent analytics from customer data, Cognistx makes it possible for small to mid-sized companies to leverage big data,” said Eric Nyberg, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Cognistx. (Fun fact: Eric was the lead academic researcher behind IBM’s Watson)

Cognitive computing helps take your data to the next level, and it automatically gets smarter the more it’s used and the more feedback it receives from humans.

For example, if you’re a retail company sending out offers to consumers, AI can help you start to hone your approach for each individual shopper. Consumer A might continually decline a $10 discount but regularly accept a $15 one. What would happen if we instead offered that person a $12 discount and they began to bite at that level? (You just saved yourself $3, retailer.) That’s the beauty of AI — it gathers and learns this information and can start to customize offers to bring in the best results for your bottom line.

For non-retailers, cognitive computing can complement the work humans are currently doing to help increase your company’s efficiencies, reach, and reliability. For example, AI is ideal for warehouse optimization, and can be put in place to create customized pulling/order processing plans printed daily for each employee. These plans would take into account employees’ individual speeds and other factors to make things move more smoothly and allow employees to have a daily customized game plan that works well with their approach. You wouldn’t just gain efficiency at the front end, either, as you’d be able to continuously gather data on ongoing performance, speed, etc.

We’re thrilled AI technology has reached a point that it can be a viable option for any business across several industries, and Cognistx is dead set on making sure as many companies as possible not only know about AI but know how it can work for them. Welcome to the cognitive era!